The Real Truth About Relocating To Canada in 2022

written by Seyi Obasi
Dec 13, 2021 | 3 mins read

If you are interested in relocating to Canada in 2022 to study, work and live permanently, this article is for you.

Since March of this year, I have been getting a lot of requests and questions from people of all ages and positions about how they can relocate to Canada…

…Doctors, nurses, bankers, students, men, women, pastors…you name it!

Many of them say they are just tired of Nigeria. Things are not working and any hope of ‘Nigeria go better’ has finally sizzled out like butter in a hot fry pan.

At first, I didn't pay much attention to this because there are many websites out there with tons of information on this subject.

But I can understand the surge in requests for Canada relocation information…

Firstly, people want something real that is coming from a trusted and experienced person who knows their onions about this Canada relocation thing…

I can count personal friends who have been duped by so called ‘immigration agents’ who have no idea what a Canada visa even looks like….

And secondly, the Covid 19 pandemic has changed the face of immigrating to Canada…..there have been so many policy changes and a lot of the very popular immigration routes are now paused to people living outside of Canada.

So, e choke!

And since, I was once in the shoes of those who are looking for a genuine and simple way to relocate to Canada…..I feel their pain and so I have decided to provide some of the most important information about relocating to Canada in 2022…

But this is only for serious people who will take action….and can actually afford the relocation and related fees….

Relocating to Canada ain’t cheap…..(I just thought I should drop that here).


With the present condition of the country at the moment, I really don't blame any Nigerian who is looking for a better life for themselves and their family.

Truth is...Canada is a great country and home to about 100,000 Nigerians.

But if you want to relocate to Canada, you better shine your eyes well well so that you simply don't waste a lot of money trying to process your relocation

Let's start with this...

Canada targets to bring in 650,000 immigrants in 2022…..

And I want you to be one of them!

The express entry favors people 30 years old and below with a Masters and one year of work experience (in qualified jobs)

But that route is very competitive and is paused for now.

If you are older than 35, it will be difficult for you to get into Canada using the express entry (difficult, not impossible).

And this is where I come in….

I have put together a really SIMPLE system that will help people of ANY AGE to be able to relocate to Canada in 9 to 12 months and eventually get their permanent residence.

If you are interested in relocating to Canada in 2022, then NOW is the time to make a move!


This is because...

Canada's Immigration Policies Change From Time to Time….

….and with Covid and now the omicron virus…..

…who knows what might happen next?

What this means is this...

…the policies are likely to get tighter

Trust me when I say that the minimum requirements that got people into Canada 2 years ago won't get you in today.

It really won’t!

That means the best time for you to start processing your relocation is today.

If you wait till 6 months time, well, the policies could have tightened up by then making it even more difficult for you.

But the good news is this…..

If you are truly interested in relocating to Canada, you need to follow a proven system that is guaranteed to work for you because it is legit and has worked for others like you.

I have put together a detailed video that shows you step by step how I and many of my friends (some of them in their 40s and 50s o) have been able to relocate to Canada without the hassle of IELTS and in just 9 to 12 months…..without wasting money!

If I were you, I would click through, watch the video, get the steps and start taking action immediately.

Don’t be caught in Nigeria when the Canadian Government makes the next immigration policy change…

…It might not favor you!

I have said my own.

Quickly, click this link to connect and get access NOW => Click to get access to the video

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