I want to take a second and not only thank you, but congratulate you on making such a great decision today and becoming an UIGer! You've taken the next crucial step toward getting a job offer from your next interview.

So... welcome aboard!  I know you are going to love the Ultimate Interview Guide and all of its components

Okay, so I bet you are wondering where you should begin.  Well, at the beginning, naturally!  Here is an outline of what you can expect in the Ultimate Interview Guide:

  1. Introduction to the Ultimate Interview Guide
  2. Before the Interview
  3. The Modifying Method
  4. Questions & Answers
  5. Putting it all Together

Quick-Start Tip: The UIG is for your personal use only! Please DO NOT share, give away for free or sell the UIG. Copyright laws (and pure decency) says No to that.

Now, you'll want to pay special attention to Section 3 (the Modifying Method), as this is where you will learn the technique that separates the UIGer's from the rest of the competition - nobody else is doing this, so make sure you get comfortable with it ASAP!

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  1. "Quiet Your Nerves" Special Report
  2. Job Interview Guidebook
  3. 5 Thank-You Letter Templates

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