Thank God I was sacked from my job…

written by Seyi Obasi
2 mins read


I was not too shocked when Bimbo said she was glad that she got sacked.

But I remember how she wept bitterly the day she received her termination letter.

I had to call her almost everyday to encourage her and pray with her.

She did not know what to do. There were no jobs anywhere. What was she going to do?!

While she was browsing the newspaper looking for job adverts, I advised her to try this online business thing.

Of course, she didn’t have money to start or to learn the basics, so I promptly registered her on an online platform, bought all the training materials and appointed my self as her accountability partner.

I was invested in her success.

It took her a while to actually get into it.

Not surprising because when you have been a 9 to 5 career person before, you don’t want to hear anything else.

The regularity of a salary can keep you stuck in your career comfort zone.

I wanted Bimbo to get another job, of course.

But I still wanted her to have this side hustle for extra cash and I made sure to keep her encouraged.

I remember when she called me screaming when she made her first sale.

‘Seyi, it works! It works!! She was so excited, and her eyes opened’.

When her eyes opened, she started asking questions – How do I do an ad? How do I address objections? How do I do this and that?

And of course I was there all the while, ready to help her along the way.

One thing that helped Bimbo was following my flagship online business method. It a simple step by step online business model that ANYONE can follow to start and growing a successful online business.

So even though you may still have a job, would you not like to earn consistently from your own online business that requires no office or huge capital?

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