The EASIEST and MOST ACCESSIBLE Way To Relocate To Canada This Year!!

...No Matter The Country You Come From!

This video workshop is 100% FREE and has all you need to know if you are serious about relocating to Canada anytime soon. CLICK ABOVE TO WATCH.

This Video Workshop is 100% FREE and has all you need to know if you are serious about relocating to Canada anytime soon.

What Benefit Will You Get From The Japa System?

The step by step 'Relocate To Canada' Blueprint takes you by the hand and guides you all the way from getting school admission to grabbing permanent residence in Canada, no matter your age, grade and without any agent pushing you around.

It works for ALL COUNTRIES: Ghana, Cameroun, India, etc. etc.

The 'No Hassle' Naija To Canada Japa System Shows You....

  • The 'secret' sauce you need to pave the way for your Canada relocation
  • A comprehensive (step by step) system that YOU can follow starting TODAY!
  • A Simple Easy To Use School Search Tool that you don’t need to crack your head to search for schools or programs
  • A Database of schools and programs with the most popular programs showing all details for prospective students that is continually updated 
  • Access to long term international affordable study loans for those without funding/full scholarship and need funds to study.
  • Database of  scholarships that can support you to study in Canada
  • Sample templates you can just copy and model (letters, statement of purpose, emails)
  • The strategies and little known tips to improve your study visa approval the first time!
  • Step by Step guide and strategies on how your family can join you in Canada
  • Professional help to process your admission and visa application if you need professional processing
  • Access to me and my team for basic support and guidance



SPECIAL BONUSES (For A Limited Time Only!)

Testimonials From Some Who Have 'Japa'ed'

See Some People's Experience Using The Japa System.

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My goal this year is to help as many people who are willing to live their dreams of becoming Canadian permanent residents. 

If that is a possibility you want to explore, then click on the button below and start today.

Here’s how to get started in 7 SIMPLE Steps:

  • Click the button below to GRAB the 'No Hassle’ Naija To Canada Japa System
  • Read the PDFs and watch the videos
  • Start taking action on the action steps given 
  • Get your Letter of Admission
  • Apply and get your visa approved
  • Get ready to land in Canada
  • Give a shout out when you are here - I may even pick you up from the airport :-)

How Much Do You Really Want It?

Let's be honest here……..

If you want to relocate to Canada, and cannot invest N40,000 for a product that will walk you through the process in a simple 'no hassle' way, then maybe Canada is probably not for you (and I say that with no malice because not everyone will actually be able to relocate)




Now look......

......you could continue to hope that something will magically happen, and you will find yourself in Canada.

......Or try to do it all yourself and get entangled with resources that you don't understand from people you don't know (and waste time and money in the process, of course)

......Or hire a dodgy immigration consultant that has no idea what they are doing (wasting your time and money in the process)

.......Or give up and tell your self your country will get better and immigration is not worth it.

Or instead, you could grab this steal of a deal…

From someone who who is in Canada using the same system that is being offered to you right now....

And get to work on actually getting to Canada soon!

Get help from someone who went through the exact same system and has helped other people JUST LIKE YOU to come to Canada.

What to Do Now?!

In the strongest, yet most respectful, tone possible I urge you: please don't wait another second twitting your thumb thinking 'what should I do now?'!

What are you waiting for? 

Canada is changing their immigration policies every day, so strike NOW while you still have a CHANCE!

Go on….Click any of the fancy orange buttons below or above and GET your own Japa System NOW (and start your Canada journey TODAY)!

Don’t worry. You will get your blueprint delivered to you even if its 2 a.m. in the morning.

P.S: Please note this offensively LOW price N40,000 (or the equivalent in your currency) for this amazing product is only for a limited time only. 

The value of what you stand to gain from this information is higher than the price you pay today. 

So, why wait till the price increases?

Place your order today!


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