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 I trust you're good today.

You recently requested access to the workshop to learn about how you can genuinely and legally relocate to Canada no matter your age and without the hassle of the IELTS. 

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You're getting this mail because you indicated an interest in the free workshop that outlines how to make your relocation to Canada through the study route a stress-free one.

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Many agents will not like to tell you this…..

…..But you can do the entire study in Canada process yourself.

Let me rephrase and emphasize in case you didn’t get it - You can handle every single part of the relocation process all by yourself.

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to relocate effortlessly?

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The difference is just one word- INFORMATION

The right information

When you click on this page, I'll share with you some amazing secrets about relocating to Canada through the study route that many travel agents wish you'd never discover.

Secrets that could save you a truckload of money and heartbreak.

When you visit this pageplease read carefully, as every word is true and has taken me the better part of my lifetime to discover.

Contrary to what you may have been told, successfully relocating to Canada isn't dependent on luck or charms.

The magic leprechaun, rabbit's foot, horseshoe, and every imaginable good luck charm all amount to nothing if you can't assess the right information (that word again!)

But, when you listen to and learn from someone who has successfully moved to Canada from another country, and has in fact helped dozens of others like you achieve the same goal, you give yourself an edge.

Now that small advantage might not seem like a lot to you, but it is…

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Email: ​Stop. Wasting. Money. And. Time. Do This Instead…


Did you know that you can learn some tips and strategies about becoming a Canada permanent residence through the study route, that you can NEVER get from searching on Youtube and G00gle?

And the ‘No Hassle’ Naija To Canada Japa System is a high quality program for people just like you who want to become Canada permanent residents through the study route.

Join people like Samuel, Emmanuel, Chinenye, Stephanie and many others who had their stories changed when they used the Naija To Canada Japa System to come to Canada to study.

The Japa system gives you professionally written PDFs and templates filled with information that has been organized to help you easily implement – and these are information I assure you that you cannot find on G00gle.

You also get my contact information which means you don’t have to feel alone or stuck during the processing of your admissions and visa.

Professional templates you can copy, amend and use, so you can prepare all your admission and visa documents which means you don’t have to worry your head about how to prepare your Personal Statement, C.V, SOP, etc.

Document samples from successful study in Canada applicants, so that you can use theirs to benchmark and correct your own documents.

Step by step process to get funding and scholarships if you qualify for them.

International organizations that can give you study loans are ridiculously low interest rates.

You can start today before the price of the product increases again.

You have a rare privilege.

Don't miss out because of procrastination.

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Email: This brought tears to my eyes...

It was 8am EST.

I had just come out of the bathroom and was looking forward to having breakfast.

That was when I heard the familiar ‘ping’ on my phone indicating an email had just dropped. It was from Amaka, one of those who just bought the ‘No Hassle Naija To Canada Japa System'.

She was letting me know that she had just received her admission letter from a University in Canada, with funding. As I was reading, I got to a line that brought tears to my eyes...

It read….

"I had given up but today, I believe I will be able to join you in Canada this year”.
I created the ‘No Hassle’ Naija To Canada Japa System for this same reason……to help people who had lost hope of ever relocating to Canada.
And it’s not just Amaka.

I have discovered that this product has had such a profound impact on so many people getting their dreams that it’s just unimaginable.
Later in the same email, Amaka wrote, "I know there are many skeptical people out there, but just continue to share your story and they will come round one day."
That's so profound!

I'm sharing this with you today because I care and I want to inspire you to go for, and get, your dreams.
It's not too late – you can still start your Canada journey today!
Just ask Amaka!!
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Email: Is the express entry still working?

The express entry has been the most common Canada immigration route since 2015.

However, as the years went by, it has become very very competitive.

The last time the Government of Canada issues an ITA, the CRS score was 475. If you are familiar with the express entry, you know that 475 is on the very top shelf of the score band.

To make matters even worse, since March 2021 (or so), the Government of Canada has stopped issuing ‘invitations to apply’ via the express entry for the federal skilled route.

Instead, they have concentrated on those with Canadian work experience, so basically for those who already live and work in Canada (even those with visitors visa). People who live in Canada are having a ball right now, lol

Nobody knows when they will resume invitations for people outside Canada. 

That is why you need to find a way to get into Canada as soon as possible.

For now (with Covid 19 still prevalent in Canada), there are just a few routes to get into Canada, and because processing times are long because of COVID 19, you need to get a move on right now.

The policies keep changing almost everyday, so please jump on it right now……

That’s all for today……

Talk soon,


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Email: What are the benefits of Canadian permanent residence?

Many people the world over are making every effort to become Canadian permanent residents (PR). They do this because of the benefits of permanent residence. So, what are the factors that make Canadian PR so desirable?

Let’s look at them below:


Once a person obtains Canadian PR, there’s very little that can make them lose it. In fact, it is very difficult for a person to lose their Canadian PR status once they have it.

Travel Rights

Canada enjoys an excellent global reputation. Permanent residents are thus able to visit most countries in the world without a visa, or to receive one on arrival. This category includes countries such as the USA, UK, and the Schengen Countries — the vast majority of European Union members.

Benefits for Children

A Canadian PR enjoys financial benefits for their children under 18 years. These children are paid as much as $500 a month depending on their age.  

Job Opportunities

Some jobs, particularly sensitive positions in the government or security, may give preferential or exclusive consideration to people who are Canadian permanent residents.

Free Medicals

Canadian PRs enjoy free medicals for themselves and their families. This is such a big advantage over what obtains in most other countries

Reduced Tuition in post secondary schools

Children of Canada PR pay a reduced tuition in Canadian colleges and universities, which are some of the best in the world.

So, why would you not want to pursue Canada permanent residence?

You can actually start today. All the steps you need to follow are here: (your affiliate link)

Email : let me tell you about Linda

In 2017, Linda had had enough!

She was stressed at work and had not been promoted for 3 years.

The cost of living was rising exponentially in Nigeria and her family income was not increasing.

Then there was the insecurity issues in the country. In fact, she was tired. She needed to leave the country for a saner life for herself and her family!

She was 38 years old.

A few of her colleagues had already relocated to Canada, so she reached out to them for help.

They told her about the new express entry system that uses CRS scores to invite people for permanent residence in Canada. 

Excitedly, Linda quickly calculated her CRS scores using the CRS tool here: https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/crs-tool.asp

Her score was just short of 357, and at that time, only people with at least scores of 420 were been invited to apply. Her age was a problem as those below 35 years old with a Masters degree seemed to have the advantage with this new express entry system.

And the older you got, the harder it was to be invited through the express entry system.

Linda wept bitterly that day. Why didn’t she try earlier? Does this mean she will not be able to relocate to Canada with her family afterall? Was this the end of her Canada dreams? Was there any other way she could legitimately enter Canada and be able to stay permanently?

It was a sad week for Linda.

Luckily for Linda, the following month, her friend told her how she had relocated to Canada 2 years previously using the study route, and was now a permanent resident. Her friend was 42 years old at the time of their discussion, which meant she was close to 40 when she went to study in Canada.

Linda’s eye lit up! 

She quickly arranged a WhatsApp call with her friend to get all the details of how to start her study journey to Canada.

She had so many questions:

  • How much would it cost altogether?
  • What level of study did she need to apply for? And how would she choose a course of study?
  • Could she go with her family? She had 2 kids and her husband
  • What province could she choose?
  • How easy was the process?
  • How long before she becomes a permanent resident?
  • Did it matter that she already had a Master’s degree?
  • How would she get admission into the University? Would they offer her funding to study? (her friend got a funding of $25,000)
  • What documents did she need to present?
  • How would she get help with this process?

Her friend answered every single one of her questions. She was really concerned and wanted Linda to come to Canada as well.

She told Linda that relocating at such an advanced age was very difficult. In fact, the Canada visa officers were quite hostile to Nigerian applicants (especially older ones coming to study), so it was important to avoid a refusal as much as possible!

Her friend was refused once before she sought professional help in her second attempt to study in Canada.

Lind knew she had a lot of work to do, but with her friend’s help, she dived in and got to work. This is the tool she used to choose a school (as recommended by her friend): https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/study-canada/study-permit/prepare/designated-learning-institutions-list.html

She chose a province and course recommended by her friend and she even got a $23,000 funding which covered her tuition.

Her friend advised here on the strategy to use so that her family could join her in Canada as well. The success of that process was the highlight of Linda’s year!

Today, she has finished her study and has applied for permanent residence.

All happened when she was already 38 years and going to 39 years old, with little hope of ever relocating with her family.

So, if you are 37 years and above and you are wondering how you can relocate to Canada at your age, you can actually do what Linda did to relocate.

But please note that you need to know what you are doing because the odds are against older folks, and the visa officers are just looking for just one reason to refuse you. 

Don’t give it to them!

Getting admission is easy. Getting your study permit – now that’s another matter altogether!

You can always find your way around the internet to gather the resources you need to apply to study in Canada. That would take lots of time and may not give you a targeted step by step process

But whatever you do, do it quickly because policies change quickly in Canada

I wish you the very best

Please don’t forget to send me any questions you may have, and I will help as best as I can, but I cannot provide detailed consultation. However, I can connect you with a trusted and experienced consultant who I can guarantee is one of the best around. You can also reach me on WhatsApp ONLY at (numner)

Take Care


P.S. You could use the same guide that Linda’s friend gave to her, which has worked not just for Linda, but for other people too (males, females, 45 years old, single, married, etc).

Why don’t you take a peek at what the Japa System offers here: (your affiliate link)

Email: 5 Simple Steps to Getting your Canadian Study Permit

Canada is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students coming from all over the world. Before you can come to study in Canada, there are a few simple steps you must take. It is important to know how to apply and exactly what documents to show the Canadian authorities.

If you want to come to Canada for post-secondary education, read through the below five simple steps for applying for your Canadian study permit:

Step One: Get your Acceptance Letter

In order to apply for a Canadian study permit, first you must obtain an acceptance letter from a Canadian university or college.

Step Two: Prepare Study Permit Application

Once you receive your letter of acceptance, you can begin preparing your Canadian study permit application. This application requires extensive documentation proving your intentions in Canada and your ability to support yourself.

Step Three: Submit Study Permit Application

Once you’ve checked and double-checked that you’ve included all required documents for the study permit application, you are ready to submit.

Step Four: Travel to Canada

If you are living outside of Canada and your application is approved you will receive a Letter of Introduction as well as a travel visa (if required for your country of citizenship).

Step Five: Maintain your status

If your study permit is approved and you enter Canada as an international student, you must meet certain simple in order to maintain legal status in Canada. The requirements include always be enrolled in school and respecting any conditions listed on your study permit

There you have it – the 5 simple steps to getting your study permit.

Want to have the detailed step by step process for yourself, your spouse, friend or child?

As long as you enroll for the Naija To Canada Japa System, you can get to not only get the full details of these 5 steps but you actually, get some solid guidance so that you do not make errors.

Want to start today?

New: 8 Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

There are many reasons to immigrate to Canada. With a high quality of life, it’s no wonder Canada is ranked among the top countries in the world.

Here are 8 reasons to immigrate to Canada:

1. You're not alone

Canada admits over 400,000 newcomers every year, with about 250,000 reserved for economic immigrants. Canada has a lot of experience with immigration and is invested in immigrants’ success. Canada invests significantly in providing newcomer services to help new immigrants with their settlement.

2. There's plenty of room for you

Canada is the second largest country in the world with a population of only 38 million. Canada boasts a spacious countryside and scenic coastal towns with plenty of room for newcomers.

The Canadian countryside is so beautiful, in fact, that even people who choose to live in a bigger city escape to cottages in the country regularly.

3. Democracy

Canada has a very stable political system and greatly values democracy.

The leaders are democratically elected, and there is very little political unrest in the country. When Canadians are dissatisfied with the government, they can freely protest and lobby for change or elect a different party in the next elections.

4. Access to quality education

Every Canadian has the right to an education. Canada’s free public school system and mandatory schooling laws ensure that every Canadian has at least a basic education. And Canada provides greater access to advanced education than any other country.

Canada is also a great place for international students to study. Canadian credentials are internationally respected and can help international students apply for Canadian permanent residence.

5. If you get sick, you’re covered

Like education, access to necessary medical services is considered a right in Canada. The national health insurance system guarantees that no Canadian citizens or permanent residents will be denied medical care because they can’t afford it.

In Canada, your annual income doesn’t determine your access to medical treatment.

6. Canada is safe

Canada is a free and tolerant country. Canada consistently does well in global surveys on safety, progress, and quality of life. In the 2016 Social Progress Index, Canada ranked 2nd overall. It is the 8th safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index.

7. Canada has a strong, stable economy

Canada is known as one of the most economically stable countries in the world. While many countries suffered lasting economic effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada has bounced back stronger than ever. By the end of the fourth quarter of 2021, Canada’s economy was bigger than before the pandemic, growing at a pace of 6.7%.

With higher-than-ever immigration targets, and a strong economy, prospective newcomers are positioned for success in Canada.

8. Canada needs you

Canada has an aging population and faces a looming labour shortage. As a country, we depend on immigration to maintain our population growth. The government values immigration for its ability to boost the economy and create jobs for Canadians.

You want to start that Canada journey you have been putting off? Why not make payment by clicking here, get access and let me help you through the process.

Email: An umcomfortable truth


Have you gotten into the 'No Hassles' Naija To Canada Japa training yet?

You have? That's amazing?

You have not? Why have you not?

Let me tell you some uncomfortable truths.....

I too wish I had a training like the japa system before I started my Canada journey.

The truth is, immigrating to Canada has many ups and downs.

It could ne overwhelming and even confusing :-(

And sometimes information online is vague and not valuable because they are not from personal experience, but from people who just piece information together.

However, you can successfully come to Canada, but it requires a 'no fail' strategy!!

And I know a lot of people who have either given up or watched their Canada dream die a natural death without being able to do anything about it.

And that is where I come in.......

This training will show you ‘step by step’ what I did to come to Canada and how I got permanent residence.

You will see the challenges I faced, the lessons I learned, the mistakes I made, and the pitfalls I encountered.

This will help you avoid the mistakes I made so that your own journey will be smoother and shorter than mine.

I know what you are thinking……'how am I sure this will work for me?’

Well, if you beleive it, it would work, trust me!

And trust me, this japa system is packed with value and so affordable for the value it provides

There are bonuses too. Read more about it here:
start here today........and make sure you jump in as soon as possible.

Stay safe,

P.S. Don't forget to connect  with me on WhatsApp by clicking here

Email: What I don't like about many Canada immigration routes


So, I have received several emails from people about what they don't like about many Canada relocation routes.

The most is that they struggle with getting jobs because a lot of employers ask for 'Canada work experience'

And you wonder, 'how am I supposed to get Canada work experience when I just came into Canada?'

Let me paint a picture for you. 

Most people that relocate to Canada either through the express entry or provincial nominee program need to really prepare before coming.

They need to arrive in Canada with enough money to carry them through seasons of seeking a job.
Sometimes it could takes a few months before one getting the job your heart desires.

Which is why I prefer the study route. 

It's more or less a hidden sweet spot even though you don't get to have your permanent residency yet. 

You get to get Canadian education, which boosts your resume (CV) which you can start to use right after you have graduated.

And you may even have a coop term where you get to gain the much needed work experience.

And in addition, you are allowed to work for 20 hours a week which also helps you gain Canada work experience 

So, you can see the upsides to why you should look at applying as a student as an alternative route to relocate to Canada. 

The workshop I created already explains the process, which you can also get access to here:
Get it here

THIS WORKS, and lots of people have started taking advantage of it. 

Let me know once you see the details in the workshop.

I also have a special bonus for you. Get it

I wish you the best and hope to see you in Canada

Talk Soon,

Email: You will love this: Demand grows for ncrease in international student working hours In Canada


We all know it's true that......

All international students in Canada want to work while they study.

I mean, there are bills to pay, right?

But at present, students can only work 20 hours a week on campus and a lot of students have been clamouring for opportunities to work more.

And thankfully, there has recently been an increased demand for international student working hours to increase to 30 hours from the current 20 hours.

I mean, check out the statistics…..

At a time when inflation is at a 30-year high, many people across the country are struggling, and international students are especially hardest hit. 

International students typically pay significantly higher tuition fees compared to domestic students, yet they are restricted from working more than 20 hours per week. This adds stress for students to be able to afford both their tuition as well as their living expenses while they study.

Even though universities, independent organizations, and provinces are doing their best to assist students, it is still not enough and many students would benefit from more working hours. 
Thank God something is finally being done about it and I hope that the next time I write about this, it will be to announce that international students in Canada can now work 30 hours (rather than the current 20 hours) per week off campus

Let us keep our fingers crossed


Email: Canada is calling. Will you answer?

{First name},

Let's be sincere about this..

You know they're probably enjoying a better life, right?

I mean your folks abroad.

Be it friends or family members.

Even when they attempt to be modest about it, you know the truth…..

that there are several things that are sure to become history the moment you relocate to Canada….

For example bad roads, insecurity and power issues..

You will not need to pray anymore for light to ‘come’ so you can sleep well at night.


The Tragedy of the situation is this:

Deciding to relocate to Canada is the easiest part of the process.

Once that decision is made, the main show starts.

You automatically become an almost easy target to all those dubious agents that are eagerly waiting to pounce on your inexperience and desperation.

The red-eyed villains don't care that you have a family to feed, or how hard you've worked to save up for this Canada move.

They'll come at you hungrily with one mission – TO SCAM YOU AND RIP YOU OFF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

Trust me, I've seen this play out several times….

and then decided to put an end to it once and for all by creating No HASSLE NAIJA TO CANADA JAPA BLUEPRINT.

Folks who've purchased this money - saving material love the way it's …..

easy to access…

easy to absorb….

and awfully hard to stop consuming it once you've started - something like eating popcorn.

No fluff.

No mumbo -jumbo.

Just excitingly good stuff…

It tells you exactly what you need to know - eliminating every iota of doubt.

My team and I have been overwhelmed by the avalanche of people who have used and testified to the awesomeness of the Canada Japa System….

…and have gone one step further to describe it as the 'armor that protects' them from sleazy travel agents and greedy travel consultants.

I've recorded a free training which also gives a sneak peek at what you'll find inside the blueprint.

All I ask is that without the burden of cost or obligation, click here to access the 100% free workshop.

Because, really, can you afford to pass up the golden opportunity to learn all there is to be learned about moving to Canada without first finding out what it's about?

Can you, {first name}?

I have more valuable videos on my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@seyiobasicanada

What are you waiting for?

No dulling

Talk later