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From: Seyi Obasi

Ontario, Canada

Let me tell you a story.

I want you to meet Samuel (or Sammy Bobs as his friends call him). 

His full name is Samuel Olabisi. 

He is 43 years old and used to be a banker in one of the new generation banks in Nigeria. He is married with three kids (his youngest son is only 9 months old).

He used to live on Durojaiye street in Surulere but he now lives in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. He moved to Canada from Nigeria only 2 years ago.

His story is a very touching one. You might want to grab a drink, some tissue and be in a quiet place while you read Sammy’s story.

Hear it in his own words:


My name is Samuel Olabisi and I want to tell you my story (I like to call it my Canada miracle story) of how I moved to Canada from Surulere Nigeria 2 years ago…..

About two and half years ago, I was at the lowest of lows.

My application for permanent residency to Australia had just been rejected.

This was after I had completed the express entry application to Canada and had been in the pool for 10 months without being invited to apply for Canada permanent residency.

On top of that, I was duped of N1.5m by an agent who told me he could get me a work permit, a job, accommodation in Canada and Canada visas for all my family members.

As if that was not enough, I had just been passed up for promotion at my office. I had been looking forward to this promotion because things were getting hard financially for me and my family.

The price of everything was skyrocketing and my income was at a standstill. Even my wife who used to support financially was now sitting at home because she was laid off from her work a few months ago.

I was angry!

At myself, at my employer, at the Government, at the president, at my parents, at the Australian government and especially at the Canadian government.

I was just angry!!

My heart had been set on migrating to Canada for several months. In fact, I cannot understand why I wasted so much time in starting the immigration process.

The year before, there was no express entry and I know a few people that were able to migrate at that time…

But I felt that things would get better in Nigeria. Afterall, my wife and I both had good jobs and we were doing fairly well. I thought, migrating abroad was okay but why the rush?

9 months after, my wife had lost her job, the economy had dived and I was being passed over for promotion. What about the insecurity in the country? A distant cousin of mine who lives in the north was recently murdered in cold blood right in his own home!

The health system? Let’s not even go there.

A colleague of mine who had a simple fibroid surgery lost her life simply because the nurse on duty forgot to transfuse blood after the surgery……such carelessness!

I had to leave the country…..NOW!

Canada, here I come!

Yes, Canada is not heaven! But at least, I will not have Boko Haram breathing down my neck and I had heard that the healthcare system there is top notch. What about the free education for my children until 18 years old, with the government still paying them a monthly stipend o…

It was a no brainer!

I decided to make inquiries on how I could immigrate to Canada….

And that was when my nightmare started.

Remember I mentioned the agent that had duped me of N1.5m promising to help me and my family migrate to Canada? That experience almost ruined me!

I was beyond devastated! This was almost all my life savings gone down the drain…..just like that!!

I was faced with the harsh reality of watching my family go through the unneeded pains of hardship.

What a pathetic situation!

At this point, I was desperate for a solution. I was tired of being in a country where nothing worked!

I was in depression for about 3 months!!

I couldn’t face myself, talk less of facing the world.

So trust me when I say I understand what it means.…

To be duped by unscrupulous agents that prey on peoples desperation to travel...

To desire to give your family a better life in a new country and yet not know how to go about it successfully...

To be frustrated with life itself...

To just want to give up!

But guess what?

After several months of tears, pain and failures…..

On a beautiful August day two years ago, I finally left the shores of Nigeria to Canada with my family. I was 41 years, 6 months and 3 weeks old when I left.…..

I am here to encourage and assure you that you can still relocate to Canada, no matter how old you are.

You can take your life in your hands and create the reality you want for yourself and your loved ones.

I know you are thinking....

How was I able to finally relocate to Canada after so many failed attempts?

I will tell you…and I need you to listen attentively!

My story is bound to shock you like it has done many others who have heard my story.

My breakthrough came from a simple WhatsApp call from an old friend.

Unbelievable, right?

Here’s what happened.

On a beautiful November morning, I was scanning through the chats on my university alumni WhatsApp group.

I don’t usually go there because they discuss a lot of political and controversial issues, and they argue a lot……

But I go there every now and then to just catch up.

However, this beautiful day, I saw a lot of congratulatory messages to one of my classmate, Michael. He had just relocated to Canada with his family and everyone was congratulating him on such a mean feat.

I thought to my self…..Michael has relocated?

I wanted to feel bad but I refused. Instead I tried to be happy for him. We were pretty close in school then but just that we did not talk a lot anymore.

I decided to send him a DM….

And that’s when things started to happen…

Please follow closely because it gets interesting…

He told me about a friend of his who helped him and showed him what to do to relocate to Canada at 42 years old.

According to him, not only did she help him, she was also the one that helped two other of our classmates and several other people to also relocate to Canada.

By the way, that friend of his was Seyi Obasi 

I was hooked. I felt some hope rising inside of me. And I wanted to meet this person to find out how I too could relocate to Canada. I didn’t let Michael rest o.

He told me that the lady had developed a very robust training program that would show me step by step how to relocate to Canada. He revealed how she was so helpful and how he called her several times during the process of his research and application, and not once did she not take his calls or help him.

He told me that he strongly recommends her to all his friends who want to travel too, and everyone says not only is her training so valuable and helpful but that she is very nice and helpful herself.

Not to mention that many people over 40 years old who had lost hope of ever been able to come to Canada, were now chilling in Canada, as we speak.

I didn’t need a prophet to tell me what to do….

After all I had been through, I was ready to jump over the third mainland bridge if Michael said that was the way he landed in Canada himself (smiles)

I asked him all manner of questions, and from all he said, I just knew that I had found the 'golden rocket' that would take me to Canada and Michael was my guiding angel.

I asked him what I needed to do start my own Canada journey.

He sent me a variation of the same video that is shown above, and after watching it, I immediately got out my debit card, purchased the training and started my journey to Canada relocation. 

That was the change for me…..I went from being duped by a stupid agent to getting into Canada simply by following a blueprint that cost me ‘practically peanuts' compared to the value I got from it!

Since I landed in Canada, friends and family have been asking me what I did and how I did it.

And I have been too grateful and inspired to show many others the same strategies that Michael introduced me to that changed my life.

I have since personally helped over 10 people come to Canada too.

Now, let me answer the Number 1 question I know is on your mind right now…..

How can you also come to Canada with your family?


I will try to answer as simply as possible.

Jus get this guide and simply follow step by step what it says……this is the personal story of Seyi and how she too relocated to Canada.

In a quest to help more people tap into the opportunity, she has put all the strategies in a simple step by step 'easy to follow' blueprint that that is practical, simple, affordable and very very effective!!

And the best part......

This works for anybody……no matter your age or CRS scores!

It’s an amazing blueprint that anybody serious about relocating to Canada, at any age should grab and follow religiously.

Her manual and training has helped over 50 people (as at last count) to come to Canada…..without the hassle of using an agent, or writing IELTS.

She has recorded a short video for you that explains briefly the process of coming to Canada and the steps you need to start taking right now…

If you have not watched it, I urge you to drop everything and go watch it now. It’s a complete workshop and filled with so much value! 

The workshop video should is above.

Go watch it now!!

Here’s how to get started in 3 SIMPLE steps:

  • Click the button below to GRAB the “No Hassle’ Naija To Canada Japa System
  • Read it cover to cover and watch the videos
  • Start taking action on the action steps given in the blueprint
  • Apply and get your visa approved 
  • Get ready to land in Canada
  • Give a shout out when you are here - I may even pick you up from the airport :-)

And something else..........

This offer comes with a better than 100% GUARANTEE…..

Here goes....

You will relocate to Canada in 9 to 12 Months, even if you are in your 40s, if you follow the steps and method I will show you. Or you get a 100% refund and my complete help in your next application.

Here is a glimpse of what you will gain from getting this blueprint. This blueprint will….

  • Save you from feeling helpless and hopeless in your bid to relocate

  • Prevent you from spending an insane amount of money chasing immigration routes that are not suitable for you

  • Show what you can do if you are above 35 years old and your CRS scores are too low to get you an invitation to apply for Canada permanent residence (You'll be amazed when you learn this!)

  • Expose 5 things the Canadian visa officer is looking for in your application, and how to ensure that these are clearly spelt out for them!

  • Expose the advice many agents and immigration consultants give that is absolutely wrong!

  • Teach you something crucial (and unusual) you should do first before even trying to immigrate to Canada

  • Help you discover a dirty little secret many people who have already relocated to Canada hope you never find out!

  • Stop you from making fatal mistakes that are losing you money (at least $5000)

  • Show you 5 immigration routes you can utilize to get into Canada unfailingly, even if you are in your 40s and above – it will also show you the resources and steps to pursue each of them

  • Get you and your family into Canada by this time next year

  • Give you peace of mind regarding yours and your family’s future

But wait… there’s more!

When you get this product, you’ll also get the following bonus: a FREE 60 minutes phone or chat consultation with me (worth N50,000) to ask me anything - if you order right now!!’

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You will also get a BONUS document showing you how to land your first job in Canada!

Let's be honest here……..

If you want to relocate to Canada, and cannot invest N25,000 for a product that will walk you through the process and guarantees a refund if you don’t get in, then maybe Canada is not for you.

Now look......

......you could continue to hope that something will magically happen, and you will find yourself in Canada.

......Or try to do it all yourself and utilize an immigration route that is just not gonna work for you (and waste time and money in the process, of course)

......Or hire a dodgy immigration consultant that has no idea what they are doing (wasting your time and money in the process)

.......Or give up and tell your self your country will get better and immigration is not worth it.

Or instead, you could grab this steal of a deal…

From someone who who is in Canada using the same system

And get to work on actually getting to Canada soon!

Before I go on,  let me share just a few of the messages and emails I’ve received from people like you who were amazed at how effectively the 'Naija to Canada Japa System' helped them move to Canada in less than 12 months (I’ll admit, many of them were skeptical at first):

What to Do Now?!

In the strongest, yet most respectful, tone possible I urge you: please don't wait another second twitting your thumb thinking 'what should I do now?'!

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